The Story Behind the VetsRally4Vets

My name is Robert Hess.  I’m an Army veteran and a PTSD survivor.  It took me twenty years and the VA evaluation process to beat it.  I’m fortunate because I did come to grips with my experiences.  But many veterans aren’t so lucky.

Over 6,000 veterans and active duty personnel take their own lives every year – that’s 22 lives every day.  Almost one veteran lost every hour of every day.

These losses are both tragic and preventable.

The critical first step in reducing veteran suicide is educating the extended veteran community about the early warning signs: such as depression and social isolation.

VetsRally4Vets is an opportunity for the veteran motorsports enthusiast community to raise the awareness level about veteran suicide and help vets dealing with PTSD.

2021 is our inaugural VetsRally4Vets event.  I’ll be driving across the US from Los Angeles to Washington, DC in mid-September 2021, stopping at American Legion and VFW posts along the way, ending with our event at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia on October 10, 2021.

If you can’t be at Summit Point, perhaps you can meet me at one of our stops.

Do you know a great local fun rally route like the Tail of the Dragon?  Let us know because we want to create local one-day, ride-along events for local media representatives to generate media attention on veteran suicide.  Pikes Peak is on my stop list!

I hope we can count on you to join us in helping veterans beat their PTSD.


Robert Hess
US Army (R)
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Picture of VetsRally4Vets Founder and CEO Robert Hess