What is TrackCross?

Trackcross, TrackCross, Circuitcross, Track Sprint – you may have heard someone use any of these terms.
If you are an SCCA member, you know Trackcross as a Track Sprint.  If you have run much at Summit Point, you probably have participated in – or heard about – one of Jon Felton’s TrackCross events.  Jon describes his Trackcross events as “autocross on a race track.”  It’s just like the Track Sprint portion of an SCCA Time Trial event.

So, is there really any difference?

Trackcross.  A Trackcross event essentially is the Track Sprint element of an SCCA time trial event.  There is only one car on the track at a time.  The driver has the track to themself to turn their fastest lap.  Each driver runs the track segment 4-5 times in each direction, with their final score being the combined times of their two fastest laps.

So, what exactly will we do at Summit Point on October 10, 2021?  We’re running a TrackCross event.

  • Drivers will run a section of the Jefferson Circuit against the clock, with just one car on the track at a time. [See the green section of the track map in the rightl sidebar.]
  • Each driver will run the course 4-5 times clockwise in the morning and 4-5 times counterclockwise in the afternoon.
  • Drivers will class their cars using Jon Felton’s TrackCross classes – check your car’s category here.
  • A driver’s score is their combined best (lowest) time for their clockwise and counterclockwise runs.

See the right sidebar for videos on the section of the Jefferson Circuit you will drive in October.

Determining the Winners

  • Drivers in each class will earn points, up to five drivers deep.
  • Each class will have a winner – the lowest combined morning and afternoon total time.
  • There will be an overall event Service Team winner – again based on the lowest combined times of the team members.  This team will take home the Top Dog Trophy.

Racers360 is Here to Help!
Thanks to Racers360 founder Dion von Moltke, each registered driver will receive a free coaching session.  All you need to do is provide onboard video.  The free coaching session can be used any time: before, during, or after the event.  Want a leg up for your team?  Drive the Jefferson Circuit prior to the event and get some great advice from Racers360 on how to turn your fastest time.  Click the following link to see the coaching session Racers360 did for VetsRally4Vets Founder Robert Hess on his lap at Buttonwillow Raceway – Buttonwillow Raceway coaching session.

Determining the Overall Top Dog Trophy Challenge Winner
Our mission is to raise money for the Veterans Moving Forward and Stop Soldier Suicide charities.  Driving points make up one element of the Top Dog Trophy Competition and fundraising is the second part.  So, your Service team needs to be good at both!

Next Steps
Interested? Here’s what you need to do . . .

  1. Get on our mailing list so you are first in line for one of the 10 slots for your Service team – click to join the mailing list
  2. Introduce yourself in your Service forum here on the website – find your Service forum  or join our Facebook Group – VetsRally4Vets on Facebook
  3. Reach out to your network and the forum and form your team – form your team.
  4. Block your calendar for October 10, 2021
  5. Check out the Youtube videos on Summit Point
  6. If you are an iRacing fan, you can practice on Summit Point

And that’s the scoop on Trackcross.  We hope to see you and your teammates at Summit Point on October 10th competing for our Top Dog Trophy and supporting our fellow veterans.

Wouldn’t you like to have a Top Dog decal for your car?

See you in October!

Robert Hess
US Army (R)

Picture of VetsRally4Vets Founder and CEO Robert Hess

“Our” section of the Jefferson Circuit for 10/10/2121

[In green]

Jefferson Circuit Morning/Clockwise

Jefferson Circuit Afternoon/Counter-clockwise