Army Drivers take the Inaugural 2021 Top Dog Trophy

History was made on a cool, drizzly Sunday morning at Summit Point Raceway as Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine motorsports teams met to compete for the first-ever Rally4Vets Top Dog Championship.

The Mission

The goal of the Top Dog Championship series, in addition to having fun and winning bragging rights at the expense of the other Services, is to raise awareness of PTSD, the unacceptable level of veteran suicide, and what we can do to help reduce this toll.

The Format

For readers who weren’t at Summit Point, the Rally4Vets Top Dog Championship series is the first-ever inter-Service motorsports competition.  Teams of 10+ drivers competed in a trackcross/time trial format for an individual standing within their car class and then collectively for points toward winning the annual rotating Top Dog Championship Trophy.  [Full details are on the Rally4Vets website – Rally4Vets]

The Outcome

By having more boots on the ground – or better yet, butts in seats – Army won the day with a score of 290 points.

Overall Top Dog Standing

  1. Army – 290 points
  2. Navy – 170 points
  3. Air Force – 160 points
  4. Marines – 150

Congratulations Army, for the overall win.

Our 2021 Top Dog Drivers!

  • CR3 Novice – Adam Pearson, Navy
  • SA1 Novice – Silvio Florita, Marine Corps
  • SA2 Novice – Ali, Mir, Air Force
  • SR1 Novice – Paul Behrends, Marine Corps
  • SR2 Novice – Warren Smith, Army
  • CR3 Experienced – Steven Purvis, Marine Corps
  • SA2 Experienced – Mike Flynn, Army
  • SF1 Experienced – Robert Little, Navy
  • SR1 Experienced – Robert Hess, Army
  • SR3 Experienced – Trey Harper, Air Force

Congratulations to all of our Top Dog drivers who won their class!

Our Support Cast

  • A huge “Thank You” to our cast of volunteers who made this possible!  And to the following:
  • Kathleen Lazorchak, Xatorcorps, who makes everything happen at Summit Point and who walked us through getting this event organized and in the history books.
  • Jon Felton and his Get Fast team for a flawless event.
  • Dion von Moltke at Racers360 – now Blayze Coaching – for making his driving coaching program available for our competitors.

2021 Charity Recipient

The charity recipient for the 2021 Top Dog Championships is Veterans Moving Forward, which provides trained service dogs free of charge to veterans dealing with PTSD.

Event Images are Available on Flickr

All of the event images are available free of charge on Flickr.  Thanks, Daniel Kiser for a great job in recording the event.

Click the following link for the complete set of event photos: 2021 Top Dog Championship event photos.

2022 Events

The Top Dog Championships will expand in 2022 to include a competition at Willow Springs International Raceway near Los Angeles. The tentative date is Monday, May 23, 2022, the week before Memorial Day. The final Top Dog Championship event will be back at Summit Point in October 2022.

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