2021 Inter-Service Motorsports “Top Dog” Competition

Veteran motorsports enthusiasts, start your engines!

The military services have over 25 different sports competitions but motorsports isn’t one of them.

It’s time to change that!

VetsRally4Vets Competition Overview
If you’re a veteran or active-duty personnel and you like motorsports, even if you are a novice driver, this event is for you!

In this one-day TrackCross event drivers from the 8 uniformed Services will go head-to-head on Summit Point Raceway’s fabled Jefferson Circuit to win the coveted Top Dog Trophy.

Why have an Inter-Service Competition?
During our time in the military, we made great friends during all the time we spent together. And we always enjoyed competing in sporting events for bragging rights!

We’re bringing that same camaraderie and competitive spirit to the motorsports world to help our fellow veterans dealing with PTSD.

Here’s the format in a nutshell . . .

Key Points . . .

  • We have room for just 80 drivers (10 drivers from each Service).
  • This is the first-ever military inter-service motorsports competition.  You don’t want to miss being a founding driver!
  • You’ll have a blast, provide critical support to our veteran community, and be a star in our event video.

Next Steps

  1. Registration is now open at 2021 VetsRally4Vets Trackcross.
  2. Join Your Team Forum – and reach out to your veteran motorsports enthusiasts
  3. Block Your Calendar for October 10, 2021.