I continue to struggle with braking in the corner.  I always find myself lifting too early.  Below is an email from Dion von Moltke, founder of Blaze coaching that may just give me the answer.

I know I need to brake deeper, but how do I actually do it?

By Dion Von Moltke

Do you know that one corner where you know you can brake deeper but your brain just forces you to hit the brakes at the same place every time?  Well, maybe it’s not just one corner but many.

Today I’ll be answering how to trick your brain into letting you brake deeper!

I actually found the best path to breaking past that mental barrier during a race where I was having to save a lot of fuel.  This weeks answer is a bit of a 2 for 1 because I want to first cover one of the best ways to save fuel as that is what led me to finding the best way to get comfortable braking deeper.

One of the most efficient ways to save fuel is to lift off the throttle early into a brake zone, coast for a bit, and then brake.  One of the things you have to get good at in endurance racing is how to save fuel without losing much lap time.

You often hear, “Dion save fuel but go fast!” from your engineer.  Thanks Dave…

When you are saving fuel and lifting into brake zones you actually naturally start braking a little bit deeper because you are arriving in with a little less entry speed.

One weekend as I was struggling to get the courage to brake a bit deeper at the kink at Road America I gave this a try.  My brain just kept forcing my foot to hit the brake pedal at the 2 board but I knew I could work it a little bit later.

So, the next lap I drove it down to the 3 board, lifted off the throttle, coasted past the 2 board, and broke at the 1.5 board.  Turned in, got down to the apex, and hammered the throttle down the next straight.  You know what happened?  Nothing, it was totally fine.  My brain was like, “Oh that wasn’t too bad”.

The next lap I did the same thing but lifted at the 2.5 board, then I worked it down to the 2 board.  Before I knew it I was flat down to the 1.5 board and immediately coming off the throttle right onto the brakes.

It worked!  So, next time you are struggling with trying to brake deeper give this a try :).

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