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Road and Track Performance Car of the Year – 2022

Another excellent article from the editors at Road and Track.   It’s definitely worth a read.

Sadly, the C8 Corvette wasn’t among the cars they tested and reviewed.  We have decided to sell our GT40 replica car for maintenance and safety reasons – no airbags.  I did, however, have the opportunity to drive the car at the Thermal Club during a Pirelli P Zero experience.

It was quite the E-Ticket experience driving 50+-year-old technology around the Thermal Track with Aston Martins, Porsche GT3s, and even a McLaren jockeying for position to pass me.  I made five laps before a cooling problem took us off the track.

We had hoped to let people experience driving them GT40 but it seems the car would be just too maintenance intensive and a bit sketchy from the safety aspect.  So, it will be auctioned off and will be replaced, ideally with a C8 Corvette.  This is why I had hoped the C8 would have made R&T’s. evaluation cut.

That said, the article is really worth a read.  Especially if you are a Porsche fan.

Read the full article here:

DVEN CEO Robert Hess at the Thermal Club with DVEN's GT40 replication car