DVEN CEO Robert Hess at the Thermal Club with DVEN's GT40 replication car

Day 1 on the Track for the DVEN GT40 Replica Car

We finally got our GT40 replica car to the point where we could test it on the track.

Pirelli’s P Zero Experience event at the Thermal Club on November 16, 2021, looked like the perfect opportunity.  And it was!

It was a beautiful day for driving and the Pirelli and Thermal Club staff put on a fantastic event.  Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren, Dalarra, and Alfa Romeo were there with demo cars for us to drive – with Pirelli tires of course! – and what a day it was.  If you ever have the chance to participate in one of these events, do it.  Pirelli P Zero Experience website.

Our GT40 rep managed about 20 miles on the track before we ran into cooling system problems and we had to retire.  These are easily fixed and the car will be ready for our DVEN Donor GT40 Experience program.

If you think you or a colleague would like to drive the car, join our information list on DVEN.org – DVEN.org GT40 Experience Program.

I can tell you from personal experience, driving this car is an experience like no other.  We hope to see you in the driver’s seat!

PS: A big shout out to the team at Just Driven for their great work on the car.

DVEN CEO and Rally4Vets Rounder Robert Hess