Randy Probst Talks Us Through Oversteer – The Party Drug of Driving

I met Dean Case, at that time a marketing executive at Mazda North America, at the LA Auto Show in 2015, and that relationship got me interested in road racing.  Plus, it was time to sell the Harleys, according to my wife.

Since then, I’ve progressed through autocross, to SCCA track nights, to SCCA time trials.  My next goal is hill climbs.

Spare time is hard to come by for me, so I’ve identified some Internet-based coaching resources that provide really valuable insights.  Randy Probst (I was fortunate to meet him at SCCA Solo Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska, in 2018) has created an excellent technical driving series on YouTube, called The Racing Line.  Session 1, Oversteer, is in the right sidebar.

Watching these videos and reading Ross Bentley’s books and going through several of his webinar series have been enlightening.  Another tremendous help for my learning has been the onboard camera coaching from Dion von Moltke at Racers360.

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All the best!

Picture of VetsRally4Vets Founder and CEO Robert Hess