VetsRally4Vets Completes Its First PTSD Awareness Mission

Buttonwillow Raceway, April 17-18, 2021

22 veterans and active-duty personnel commit suicide every day. That’s 8,030 men and women lost to our community every year; another life lost every 65 minutes of every day.

These deaths are preventable. The Veterans Administration and many private organizations are working hard every day to identify at-risk veterans and connect them to resources. The Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network ( has a list of resources.

VetsRally4Vets is doing our part by talking about PTSD, the role it plays in a suicide decision, and by creating events to raise money to support organizations providing first-level support, like Stop Soldier Suicide and Veterans Moving Forward.

Our 873 cars’ first mission was to Buttonwillow Raceway for the SCCA Nationa Time Trial Tour. As always, it was a fun event and the car ran really well. It’s a 1997 M Edition NA Miata re-branded with the DVEN / PTSD awareness message. We upgraded the suspension and added some wider tires, but the car is running with its original 1.8-liter engine with 234,782 miles. What a statement about Miata durability!

The great team at Just Driven in Orange, Calfornia managed the rebuild for us. Click here to visit their YouTube channel – Just Driven on YouTube.

I’ve posted some pictures from the event, including my excursion into Buttonwillow’s famous dirt at the Cotton Corners, running counter-clockwise.

You know about our event at Summit Point this coming October 10th. We currently are working on an event at the Streets of Willow in May 2022. Take a minute and join our Service forums here on the website. We’d love to hear your thoughts about our events and where and how we can improve them.


Picture of VetsRally4Vets Founder and CEO Robert Hess

Robert Hess
US Army (R)
American Legion Life Member
VFW Life Member

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