Racers360 Will be Coaching 2021 VetsRally4Vets Drivers

I’m thrilled to announce we have a program in place with Racers360 to coach drivers racing with at Summit Point in October.

If you aren’t familiar with Racers360, click the image in the right sidebar to visit their website.  You can view the coaching session I received from Racer360 founder and Dion von Moltke, who is has a GT-class win at the 24 Hours of Daytona, a GTC class win at Sebring, and a GTC class win at the Grand Prix of Baltimore.

Each driver participating in October will receive a coaching session with Racers360.  These can be used prior to the event or afterward at any track.

Dion is preparing a track walk on the section of the Jefferson Circuit you’ll be driving.  Check back on April 15th and walk the course with a professional driver.

this is a link to racers360 website